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Cable / Pipeline Flotation


The twin chamber cable and pipeline float is the very best solution for cable and pipeline installation support. Manufactured as two pillow style floats connected by a length of fabric or strap system to support the cable or pipeline. The cable or pipe is placed on the support system easily and attached easily to the twin boom float by way of a d-ring attachment system. Also available with side rings for adjustable webbing for adjustable rigging spans.

Available in 5 Standard Sizes in color RED:

Floats available in 200 - 1200 lb.

capacities, custom sizes available

upon request.

Cable/Pipeline Float are used around the world. Includes stainless steel lift rings. Inflation valve and over pressure valve on each chamber. Used for light salvage as well as cable or pipeline flotation and suspension. Available in 5 sizes Custom sizes available Standard color Red, colors yellow or orange available upon request with minimum order of 25 or more.
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The U.S. Salvage Float Balloon Includes 3 stainless steel lift rings and NRS inflation port Used for light salvage as well as cable flotation and suspension Manufactured to US Military specification in accordance to dwg. No. 4563094 Model: CFB36 Retail Priced at $229.00 ea. Minimum Order Quantity 10 units.
Twin Chamber bags with side rings and webbing straps for adjustable rigging spans