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Prolift Catch Bags

New CATCH BAG system from PROLIFT. Now along with our quality wrecker lifting bags we are proud to offer the new best catch bag system available. You won’t find a better system for the quality, durability, and the price!

The perfect addition to the Prolift Wrecker Lifting Bags.

Catch Bags are used to “catch” the vehicle when uprighting it for a soft landing and to prevent secondary tip-over. They are built to prevent dangerous and uncontrolled descent of any vehicle or object. Use these in combination with PROLIFT low-pressure wrecker lifting bags and you have the perfect combination of products for the towing industry. Wrecker Bags and Packages Each Catch Bag is designed with a large double layer base for stability and support, with a smaller top, double layer in RED to hit your mark! Heavy Duty PVC Bolt on inlets, and specially designed outlets let the load down with ease. Our industrial 4 stroke blower / vacuum unit uses straight gasoline allowing the user a mix-free system. When the vehicle is safely uprighted, the bags can be vacuumed down and capped with cam-lock covers. Place them in our uniquely designed protective case keeps them packed and easy to carry. Taking up less valuable storage space on your vehicle. The Difference of PROLIFT? Our MS4000 Fabric has been used by engineers who have needed the strongest membrane for use in the world's harshest conditions. Backed by over 60 years of coated fabric technology, MS4000 is the highest- strength and most chemically resistant membrane on the market. MS4000 was developed to contain and protect against acids, oils, petroleums and chemical decomposition. Prolift MS4000 is unknown to all other manufacturer’s making prolift products stand out beyond all others in durability!


MS4000 TPU blend material, RF welded, and double reinforced at the top and bottom. TPU material has high impact strength with abrasion and chemical resistance. Made in the USA. Bags have a 5 year graduated warranty (two year free repair or replacement; prorated thereafter) Powerful and more fuel efficient 4 Stroke 100% GAS Commercial Blower with blower and vacuum feature. Three way manifold with 3 bags, Two way manifold with 2 bags, all brass construction, direct connection to blower and hoses with cam-lock fittings. 2 or 3 EPDM 50 foot hose assemblies Red for inflation 1 EPDM 10 foot hose assembly black for blower connection to manifold Cam-lock dust caps for each bag (2 or 3) Protective Carry Case for each bag Hot Air Repair Kit- Repair a bag in minutes and use immediately! see videos

Prolift Catch Bag System

Each System includes:

50 foot EPDM Hoses (Red)

10 foot Blower Connect Hose (Black)

4 Stroke Gas Blower

2 or 3 way Brass Manifold

Small Hot air gun repair kit

Protective Case for each Catch Bag Instruction & Maintenance Manual Gas Blower Specs: 1. 150 MPH 450 CFM 2. 4-Cycle 25cc Gas Blower/Vacuum 3. Adjustable Speed 4. Anti vibration 5. No-Mix Straight Gas Power Small Hot Air Gun Repair Kit Standard kit comes with all Catch bag sets and Wrecker bag sets. NO ADHESIVE REQUIRED! Make a repair in 10 minutes and be back in business immediately. Includes Hot Air Gun, and 20 Assorted Patches. Master Repair Kit includes Industrial Hot Air Gun and 100 assorted patches.
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