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Elongated and Cylindrical Pontoons

Cylindrical Totally Enclosed and Elongated Models. Ideal bags for shallow water lifting, cable and pipeline installation, or draft reduction the enclosed pontoon is your bag of choice.


Prolift Cylindrical pontoons are manufactured in lift capacities of 1000 lb. to 35 ton capacity. Pontoons use the proven PROLIFT design and is a great bag for shallow water salvage. Pontoons are more efficient when few bags are required. Each pontoon is equipped with stainless steel ball valve deflation and a hose whip with stainless steel air coupling inflation. All pontoons are tested and are equipped and ready for deployment upon arrival. Pipe-laying, underwater construction, draft reduction, cable installations are just some of the uses for the cylindrical pontoon.


Prolift Elongated pontoons are manufactured in lift capacities of 500 to 6000 lb. capacities. These are the bag of choice when shallow water is a critical factor and towing is a concern. Lifting points are equally spaced along the length of the pontoon body. Each elongated pontoon is equipped with one stainless steel ball valve deflation and a hose whip with stainless steel air coupling. Optional rigging of ball valve and air coupler set at each end upon request when the pontoons will be used to wrap a vessel hull.

Applications and Features:

Applications: Suitable for shallow water use Suitable for long terms use Bridge supports Salvage and re-flotation Buoyancy for cable and pipe float out operations Features: All seams RF welded Fold compact for easy handling and storage Automatic pressure relief valves Design safety factor of 6:1 Complete with operation and maintenance manual Manufactured and tested in accordance with IMCA D016
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CAUTION: Prolift Pontoons have multiple attachment points. All attachment points must be connected with the shackles provided, and the load evenly distributed. Large pontoons of 6 tons or more require a separate lifting beam to evenly distribute the load.
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Relief Valves release at  2.5 psi above ambient pressure on all totally enclosed model lift bags
Custom 35 Ton Cylindrical Pontoons September 2016