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Underwater Vehicle Recovery Unit

If you were ever looking for a safe, effective way to recover vehicles then here it is. We have upgraded our ERU3000 (developed by Prolift in the early 2000’s) with a new look and new function. Though the PROLIFT VRU is designed for underwater salvage the PVRU system is become a staple with towing & recovery companies worldwide because of the simplicity in use.

If you were ever looking for the best system to recover


Prolift vehicle recovery unit the safest and the most efficient system available.

What makes our system the best system out there?

The VRU System is designed to be connected to the axle or under carriage of most vehicles. However that is not always possible. So we’ve included in the VRU system an additional set of 10 foot lifting straps, now you can remove the lifting chains from the shackle point and attach the strap in place of the chains allowing you to cradle the vehicle by rigging the bags from the side of the vehicle, door to door. Two or Four PB2000 lb. Prolift Pillow bags specifically designed with large horizontal tank pocket (accepts a standard 80 cylinder easily in and out) and 10,000 lb. lifting harness, 3.5 ton shackle with galvanized chain with hook. Manufactured from our MS4000 high- strength, fabric which is highly abrasion resistant, specially formulated to resist direct contact with oil, diesel, gasoline and decomposition. Each bag is equipped with stainless steel inflation, High pressure hose and yoke to tank, built in check valve, a bypass quick disconnect allows the user to connect the included 50 foot air hose for use with compressor if you choose not to use the scuba cylinder. NRS deflation valve and over pressure valves allow proper venting during ascent. So, why would you need to lift vehicles off the bottom using lift bags? One reason is some vehicles float away from their entry point making it hard or even impossible to reach with a tow truck thus you may have to lift the vehicle and tow it to an extraction point. Another reason is lifting vehicles can be a safe and effective way of recovering vehicles doing very little damage to the vehicle. It also allows you to lift vehicles up and over obstructions on the bottom that could impede your recovery like rocks, trees, stumps and vegetation. Available in two models a 4 bag system and the alternative 2 bag system for those who require less lift or have alternative uses. Also available without tank pockets, H.P. hose and yoke,

Underwater Vehicle Recovery Unit

What do you get with the PROLIFT - VRU: Two or Four Standard Prolift 2000 lb. / 1000 kg. Pillow lifting bags. "V" lifting straps. These straps allow you to attach the rigging chain to a single attaching point and distribute the load evenly across the body membrane, this is usually the an axle or undercarriage. 4-foot galvanized chains with rigging hooks A large tank pocket that allows you to insert tanks with boots or larger tanks. The tank pockets are also position sideways on the bags just above the surface when the bags are inflated to allow the diver easy access to the tank valve. 4 - Easy dump/over inflation valves that allow the bag or divers to vent excess air. Each bag is equipped with a high pressure connector hose with a female quick disconnect check-valve that allows for surface inflation the bags with low pressure hoses. Four Station Manifold for control during surface inflation Four 3/8” x 50 foot inflation Hoses Two 10 foot Extension Straps Two Carry Cases for easy storage
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The PVRU4 System
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